Logan Brunner

I am a Junior English Education Student at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota.
I quite enjoy telling stories about people who fly under the radar, writing about local folks, and the off chance of writing an opinion article.
I am a total nerd for classic literature, camping, and pretending I’m at Walden Pond.
I want to teach; plain and simple. Whether that is in the classroom, coaching track, or at a summer Bible camp.

Detective Justice: A dream of movies and superheroes

Most students wish they were back in person. Internet school gets boring. For Izaiah, online is just what he needed. Izaiah is a storyteller, voice impersonator and movie connoisseur. He has dreams that range from being a criminal justice detective, cleaning up the streets that he knows, to running a kids-only movie theatre — no need for adults there. When reflecting on distance learning, Izaiah said he likes online learning more than most. The majority of students would rather have class in p

Notes of Faith

Jazz in the great hall — an expression of passion, study, and faith. Jason Harms walked into church, picked up his trumpet, and began to play. The music wasn’t easily classified, falling into what he would later call a hybrid form of “midwest-gospel type stuff”. For Harms, the genre could have been anything from heavy metal to gregorian chants… that did not matter — it was the pleasure of song that captivated him. Harms grew up with music in the home, at church, and at school. Music was drippi

Sweet Justice and Potato Pie

How baking pies became a mission, a ministry, and a movement. Rose McGee woke in the middle of the night. She heard a voice call out, telling her to “bake the pies and bring them down.” The date, August 9, 2014 — the day Michael Brown Jr. was fatally shot by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. The downcast reality that met Brown is no anomaly, police brutality towards Black men has plagued the United States for decades. For McGee, the news of this shooting was another pain in her heart. She’